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Welcome to GenScope

Micro Flexible GenScope Borescopes

Ideal for Openings from 0.6mm to 6.0mm

This broad new line of very-small diameter borescopes meets the need for rugged and affordable scopes. These GenScope borescopes easily attach to video systems. Read more

Micro Semi-Rigid GenScope Borescopes

For Openings 0.6mm to 6.0mm-repetitious inspections

Inspect small bores, fuel injection nozzles, fuel lines, or other miniature components with ease. The slim design provides superior image resolution in even the smallest voids. This GenScope borescope bows under pressure for durability and some flexibility in tight areas. Read more

Micro Rigid GenScope Borescopes

Ideal for Openings from 1.3mm to 6.0mm

Best for very fine cracks, sharp edges, discolorations, minute defects or details. Offers straight inline access to the smallest inspection areas. Read more

2-Way ArtiFlex GenScope Borescopes

Ideal for Openings 2.5mm or larger

A flexible borescope is ideal for use in tight areas where flexibility and maximum range is required. These fiber-optic borescopes have the durability and wonderful image quality of fused fiber-optic image bundles. They are also versatile because you can attach a battery-powered lightsource for portability or use a standard lightsource for maximum light. Read more

Heavy-Duty Rigid GenScope Borescopes

For openings 4.2mm and larger

Very durable and less expensive than a flexible borescope, the rigid's excellent acromat lens system is ideal for eye or video inspection. Available in diameters up to 10mm. Read more

Borescope Accessories

Lighting systems, Cameras, Monitors

See our line of lighting systems, including lightsources, replacement bulbs, light probes and light guides. We also have a variety of cameras, monitors and video cables. Read more

Micro Flex Borescopes

Micro Semi-Rigid Borescopes

2-Way Artiflex Borescopes

Heavy-Duty Rigid Borescopes

Lighting&Video Accessories