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Heavy-Duty Rigid GenScopes

For openings 4.2mm and larger

Heavy Duty
Rigid Borescope

Genscope's Heavy Duty Rigid borescopes are constructed with stainless steel probes and utilize an acromat lens system, which provides a bright and clear image. These borescopes are useful for industrial applications where a straight entry is available, as found in engine blocks, aircraft engines, and rifle barrels.

Heavy duty borescopes are also very durable, and can withstand a more abrasive environment. Additionally, they are less expensive than some other scopes, thus proving to be extremely useful in practical, every day applications. Diameters range from 4.2mm to 10mm to fit your requirement.

Many customers say this particular GenScope borescope is the workhorse of inspection, as a wide variety of inspections can be performed with these scopes.

heavy duty borescope description