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The selection of a light source depends entirely on the application. A light source that is too weak, that delivers an image to a video monitor that does not have enough clarity, can quickly undermine the image of even the most effective borescope.

If you are looking at a part with high reflectivity like aluminum or titanium, or inspecting from a shorter viewing distance, a tungsten halogen light works particularly well.

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GenScope borescopes are adaptable to a camera, a video monitor, or to your computer for inspection or image capture. Video is user-friendly and cost-effective. Benefits include documentation, workstation ergonomics, training, group inspections, and multiple inspections.

Use of monitors and image documentation systems is growing rapidly among GenScope customers. Video is user-friendly. You can hold the borescope with one hand and the part with the other and have control over both while looking at a bright, clear picture. This allows production inspection to run more smoothly.

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