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GenScope, Inc.

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About GenScope, Inc.

GenScope, Inc., formerly Genesys Instruments, Inc., designs and manufactures borescopes - rigid, flexible, micro-diameter, and semi-rigid, among others - for the larger industrial market. The company was formed in 1992 by professionals with decades of experience in supplying industrial users with the visual inspection equipment including borescopes needed to satisfy their requirements.

Why the transition from Genesys Instruments, Inc. to GenScope, Inc., you may ask? By moving forward in stronger name identification, our name becomes shorter, and easier to remember. However, despite the name change, you can be assured that you will receive the same quality of reliable product - our focus and passion since 1992.

To help you stay competitive, GenScope brand borescopes combine design experience and manufacturing efficiencies to produce high quality, high value products for our customers. Our responsive service and fast delivery keeps customers up to date with the latest technologies and borescopes on the market.

The GenScope mission is to provide innovative product alternatives, supply high quality and highly reliable borescopes, and solve visual inspection issues.

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